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PENS allows one-click publishing of content from authoring tool to LMS.

So you’re ready to bring one-click publishing to your authoring tool. There are a few steps to take, and we’re going to lay the groundwork for you here.

Here’s what you’ll need to get PENS implemented with your authoring tool:

The nature of how PENS works means that you’ll need a temporary place to store your content that can be accessed by the target LMS over the internet. The first step behind a “publish” button in your authoring tool will involve packaging and uploading the content to the staging server.

After your content is on your staging server, you’ll need to send an HTTP request to the target LMS. This HTTP request can be a POST or GET request, and will tell the LMS what it needs to know about your content. The perfect place to get started with this code is our pink nike air max for men
.The LMS will then download your content.

From here, there will be some communication sent back from the target LMS, to alert you to any errors or to confirm that everything went as planned. These “receipt” and “alert” locations can either be traditional URLs that point to a page you host, or email addresses. For URLs, you can write notifications in your system with a bit more code to process the HTTP posts you’ll get from the target system. For emails (in the form of “mailto:” links), the user can be notified directly via email without any extra code needed on your part. This code will give you a start on “listening” to results from the LMS, and will dump results to a log.

See PENS in action with SCORM Cloud and Claro, the authoring tool from Dominknow. Click link to watch: nike air force 180 mens ministry at vineyard
– just make sure to click the fullscreen icon.

Conceptually, it’s that simple. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different PENS commands and parameters, and you can find them in the PENS specification, pages 10-20.

Our products include Experience API support. E-learning standards are always evolving. The Experience API is part of a new generation of learning standards, and all of our products include support for it. Read more about the , or let us know if you're ready to start using the xAPI (with our products, or without.)

Our products include Experience API support.

Mission Statement: "To Cooperatively Inspire All Students to Achieve Their Potential"

Online Monthly Calendar

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2017-2018 T.F. Riggs Calendar

2018-2019 Elementary Calendar

2018-2019 GMMS Calendar

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The Pierre School District uses SchoolMessenger for phone and email notifications to families. Please be sure to provide your contact information to your school in order to receive SchoolMessenger notifications.

To receive text message notifications, text "Y" or "Yes" to short code 68453. To unsubscribe to text message notifications, text "STOP" to short code 68453. There is a link to unsubscribe to email notifications at the bottom of each SchoolMessenger email notification. Just click the "Unsubscribe" link and following the prompt.

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Student/Parent Portal Instructions: The Pierre School District offers the parents of 3rd-12th grade students the option to sign up for access to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Access allows parents to monitor their child's school records anywhere at any time. If you would like a portal account created for you, please complete and return the following Parent Portal Application. Parent Portal Application.

Student/Parent Mobile App: For mobile portal installation and login, first log in to the Parent Portal through a browser. You will see a link (green button) to your District ID. Then download the mobile app, enter your District ID, and then enter your Campus Portal username and password.

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Parent Portal Instructional Video

EZ School Pay:The EZ School Pay system is a great way to manage your child's school meal purchases. Please see the links to below for more information on how to sign up for an EZ School Pay account, and how the web-based program works.

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EZ School Pay Step by Step Instructions

Free or Reduced Lunch: Children need healthy meals to learn. Pierre Public Schools offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. Please take a moment to review the following documents to learn more about this opportunity.

Murder is the one crime that we’re taught to excuse if it’s done on a large enough scale. Morality demands that we not so excuse it. War is nothing other than murder on a large scale.

Over the centuries and decades, death counts in wars have grown dramatically, shifted heavily onto civilians rather than combatants, and been overtaken by injury counts as even greater numbers have been injured but medicine has allowed them to survive.

Deaths are now due primarily to violence rather than to disease, formerly the biggest killer in wars.

Death and injury counts have also shifted very heavily toward one side in each war, rather than being evenly divided between two parties. Those traumatized, rendered homeless , and otherwise damaged far outnumber the injured and the dead.

The idea of a “good war” or a “just war” sounds obscene when one looks honestly at independent reporting on wars.

When we say that war goes back 10,000 years it’s not clear that we’re talking about a single thing, as opposed to two or more different things going by the same name. Picture a family in Yemen or Pakistan living under a constant buzz produced by a drone overhead. One day their home and everyone in it is shattered by a missile. Were they at war? Where was the battlefield? Where were their weapons? Who declared the war? What was contested in the war? How would it end?

Is it not perhaps the case that we have already ended war and now must end something else as well (a name for it might be: the hunting of humans )?

If we can change our manner of killing foreigners to render it almost unrecognizable, who’s to say we can’t eliminate the practice altogether?

Read more .

Resources with additional information .

More reasons to end war .

April 14-15, 2018: Find events taking place around the world and participate in the Spring Day(s) of Action to End War!

April 14-15, 2018:

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